Let me spit a minute and say what’s on my mind-nothing is changed to creation in time –created in His image, in His love we are risen to be more than this-to be above.

Hate breeds hate and then the end result is death, just more useless violence.

When can we break the cycle of silence?

When  can we stand and see each other united?

When will we stop determining to be divided?

I’m going to sit a minute and leave this note right here,–

it’s sad and disgusting that I should have this fear.

You fear your sons life and I for mine

this Rhyme won’t  change the fact this is a lonely Babylonian time. Reach for the heart to save the sword.

Blood is a dark and bright pain-quit trying to make more.

It was already spilled a time before, to cover His sheep, every last lamb. The white and the black all He made by His hand.

Step away from the ledge of hate see the soul and not the face…..


Renee. S