About Me

I’m Akiko. W Health Care is my first love, then there’s Entertainment, fashion, Hair&Beauty. As well as other ares that interest me such as art, photography, videography and the happenings in the community.  I am a strong believer that everybody’s dream can become a reality with a little support and motivation.  Staying focused and being persistently loud is the only way that you will one day be seen or heard.  Attending events and sharing my experience with others allows me to shead light in areas that may go notice.  My magazine/blog style allows me to support others by sharing and contributing to they’re exposure. Strugglen But Striven is everyone’s story at some point in their life. With multiple unique areas we all have the same goal…success. We all have dreamt the same dream, the challenge is will you peruse it or not, therefor; let’s show off what we can do or have done by thinking outside the box to broaden horizons.